My name is Lindsey Kautz

I am a commercial photographer living in central Saskatchewan. I have a journalism diploma from SAIT and seventeen years of photography experience in a variety of genres. I am based out of Yorkton Saskatchewan but travel throughout the province to capture everything from corporate events and employee headshots to Saskatchewan architecture and prairie landscapes.

I think I have been taking pictures all my life; Long before I ever had a camera.

My photographic beginnings were back in the days of film and dark rooms. I am thankful I caught the tail end of that magical era. I was in college when the first digital cameras hit the market. I couldn’t afford one at the time so I stuck to my Canon 35mm.

I loved that camera. I learned all about aperture, shutter speed and ISO through film, paper and chemicals. All of that translated into my current work and gave me an appreciation for the history of my trade. 

Back in 1998, when I graduated from high school, my youth pastor told me, “Find something you love so much that you would gladly do it for free. Then learn to do it so well that people will pay you for it.” Photography is my thing. I am thrilled to do the work I love.

My Pride and Joy

Most of all, I am a mom. Together with my fabulous husband, I am raising these three goof balls. They are my greatest accomplishment and the source of much joy in my life. (also the source of much grey hair and some sleepless nights.)